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People regularly ask us “What does it mean to be a member at Concord?” Being a member certainly means committing to Concord’s mission, doctrine, and covenant. Equally important is regularly meeting together as a corporate body for the sake of worship and mutual edification (Heb 10:24-25; Rom 1:12). But membership goes a little deeper than this. We believe your spiritual maturity in Christ depends on living life in community with others. You were made to know and be known in light of the Gospel. Therefore, meaningful membership necessarily involves participating and investing in small group ministry (Home Groups, Sunday school – ideally both!) where you can share life with others.

Home Groups have the ambitious goal of creating a context for: (1) gospel-shaped community; (2) serving one another by expressing and using our spiritual gifts for the purpose of mutual care; (3) praying together in meaningful ways; and (4) encouraging one another to apply the truths of God’s Word to our lives personally and specifically. These four purposes establish the framework for sharing life together by living as gospel-shaped, gospel-sharing redeemed sinners. While we aren’t fulfilling all of these purposes perfectly, we’re moving in the right direction.

With that goal in mind, it is important that we re-brand our home groups in an effort to more effectively communicate what small group ministry is about. This ministry shouldn’t be defined by where we meet (home groups); it should be defined by what we do (share life). Changing the name of Home Groups to LIFEgroups will enable us to more clearly communicate our purpose.

This season, we are also introducing a new LIFEgroup model that integrates the entire family in the small group experience. This new model:

  • Meets on the same rotation as other LIFEgroups
  • Encourages children to participate in Bible application during small group discussion
  • Encourages children to participate in prayer
  • Provides a built-in time for a men’s and women’s encouragement/ accountability group
  • The traditional LIFEgroup format which you are already familiar with will continue to be offered as well. You can indicate your format preference when you register through the form below.

    Though we had our highest level of participation last year, we’re aiming for even more participation from our members than ever before. Our goal for 2014-2015 is for 300 people to register and actively attend a LIFEgroup. If you are not part of a LIFEgroup, we hope that you will prayerfully consider participating in one of these groups as a critical component to your maturity in Jesus Christ. If you are already engaged in this ministry, we look forward to seeing how God continues to grow you in Jesus as you share life with other believers.

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