Below is a job description for the position of Youth and Families Pastor. If you are interested in submitting a resume, please do so at

Pastor for Youth and Families Job Description 


The Pastor for Youth and Families will provide biblical pastoral leadership to the youth and family ministries of Concord Baptist Church. His primary objectives will be to lead in ministry to youth; to invest in parents (resourcing, equipping, encouragement); and to provide oversight of a Children’s Ministry Coordinator, maintaining a unified discipleship strategy for children and youth. As a pastor, he will serve on the Elder Council. 


• Fulfills the qualifications of a pastor found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4 

• Affirms Concord’s mission, doctrine, and covenant with a clear conscience 

• Enthusiastic about developing youth who love and walk with Jesus 

• Able to articulate a clear vision for family discipleship 

• Demonstrated ability to recruit volunteers, build and develop teams, and direct staff and lay leaders 


• Practical family experience raising a youth-aged child(ren) 

• Master’s level seminary education 


In order to establish and implement a comprehensive vision of discipleship for gospel-shaped family life, the Pastor for Youth and Families will be responsible to: 

• Communicate the vision to the church frequently and clearly 

• Recruit, train, and encourage volunteers for ministry to youth 

• Provide theological and practical training for parents of youth and children 

• Oversee a Children’s Ministry Coordinator (to be hired), developing and maintaining a unified discipleship strategy for youth and children 

• Oversee ministry budgets for children, youth, and families 

• Assist the pastoral staff in pastoral care, especially as pertains to families 

• Work closely with the Pastor for Discipleship in strengthening marriages in the church 

Functional Overview of Position 

1. Youth Ministry (40-50%) 

  • Ministry vision, scope and sequence, and administration

  • Curriculum selection

  • Teaching and teacher training

  • Event planning and oversight 

2. Parent Equipping (30-40%) 

  • Parent-equipping vision (collaboration on vision with Discipleship Pastor and other elders)

  • Providing resources and tools

  • Parenting instruction through discussion groups and other events

  • Individual parent meetings for encouragement and counseling 

3. Children’s Ministry Oversight (10%) 

  • Overseeing Children’s Ministry Coordinator

  • Ministry vision

  • Scope and sequence 

4. General Pastoral Duties (10%) 

  • Member care

  • Pastoral liason for LIFT (Mother’s Day Out)