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Our Approach

To read Concord's mission statement as it pertains to children's ministry, click here.

Our Children's Programs

Download this information sheet to learn more about our Nursery, Children's Sunday School, and Wednesday evening activities.

Parent Resources

While we're thankful for our Concord teachers and volunteers, we believe that parents are the ones who hold the primary resonsibility and privilege of discipling their children. To help equip you in your family devotional time, we have some resources linked below. Each of these downloads conveniently correspond with "The Gospel Project" Sunday School curriculum from which your child is learning each week.


  • Weeks 1-5 // Unit 1 "In the Beginning..."
  • Weeks 6-8 // Unit 2 "God's Covenant with People"
  • Weeks 9-13 // Unit 3 "The Covenant Renewed"

  • Weeks 1-13 // Unit 1-3