We are all worshipers. We build our words, our actions, and our lives around the things we value the most. No matter who you are or what you believe, you are worshiping something. Matt Papa wrote that “we don’t begin worship, we aim it.” Sunday mornings at Concord are designed to help us aim our worship at the most worthy of all – Jesus Christ. 

Our services are shaped by the gospel. Whenever possible, our songs, prayers, and readings are structured to lead us through the good news that Jesus has paid for our sins and given us access to the Father. The goal is threefold: remind, rehearse, and repeat the gospel. We want to be reminded of God's goodness in the face of our inability to save ourselves. We want to rehearse the message, acknowledging what Jesus has done in us and for us. Finally, we want to encourage one another to repeat this good news as the Spirit gives us boldness among our neighbors and the nations.

Our music focuses on theologically rich and singable songs led by our band. Our music is diverse, expressing joy, praise, thanks, confession, and sorrow to God. Our choir leads us most weeks. We celebrate the Lord's Supper each month. You can learn more about the music we sing and prepare for next week's gathering by visiting our Sunday's Service page. If you would like to learn more or are interested in the music and media ministry, please contact Pastor Drew.