Concord loves missions. We pray for our neighbors and the nations. We encourage active witnessing and cross-cultural engagement. We send out short-term mission teams. We collect an annual World Mission Offering which supports IMB, NAMB, Tennessee, local, and other Concord-sponsored mission endeavors.

Why do we teach and pray and give and go? Because we believe that nothing is greater than seeing Jesus’ name honored throughout the earth.  

Some missionaries are especially close to us, several of whom have come from our own church family:



Molly Peele
Grace Harbor Community Church

Molly Peele lives in Providence, RI, one of the least-reached areas for the gospel in the United States. Molly serves in campus ministry through NAMB at Johnson and Wales University. 

Todd & Diana

After completing an intensive two-year missionary training program with To Every Tribe in 2016, Todd and Diana moved their family to minister in Northwest Ontario. They are living among the First Nation peoples of the area, who are considered to be unreached with the gospel. 

Sam & Cathy

Sam and Cathy moved their family overseas in order to live as missionaries. They've spent many years sharing Jesus in a spiritually dark part of the world.  

Josh & Jenny

In 2012, Josh and Jenny moved their family to the Middle East to plant a gospel-preaching church. The Lord blessed their efforts, and in April 2015, they broke ground for a new evangelical ministry center.  Josh and Jenny serve a very diverse group of believers, representing 6 continents and over 15 countries.



Geneva Morse
To Every Tribe

Geneva will spend two years in Los Fresnos, Texas to complete an intensive missionary training course. She hopes to join the Simpsons in Ontario and live among the First Nations people.   

Tom & Deborah Nite
International Biblical Training

Tom and Deborah  served as missionaries in Russia and Eastern Europe for 16 years before founding the International Biblical Training organization. They now provide teaching at Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and conferences to equip pastors and Christian workers in Eastern Europe, India, and Africa.

Dave & Vickie Hawkins
International Biblical Training

Dave and Vickie are a part of the International Biblical Training organization where Dave provides theological training to pastors throughout the Caribbean, Ukraine, and Moldova where solid Biblical teaching is hard to find.


Ken Ivins
AMG International

Ken Ivins serves with AMG International, supporting the work of child care centers and helping local churches develop a global vision for their members.