Concord’s Family Ministry . . .
preparing the next generation
to be a gospel-shaped, gospel-sharing people.


our Approach

Concord is committed to being a family-equipping church. We are not seeking to replace parents as the primary disciple-makers of their children. Nor are we seeking to integrate families into the church in such a way that we no longer have age-specific ministries. Rather, we see ourselves as partners with parents in discipleship by (1) offering age-specific ministry to youth, designed to prepare them for mature Christian living; and (2) seeking to encourage, train, and resource parents to succeed in making their homes a training ground for Christ.

our regular ministries

We design all of our youth ministry events to accomplish one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Relationship Building – Creating environments for our youth and leaders to know each other well, with a view toward effective discipleship.

  2. Evangelistic Clarity - Clearly presenting the gospel so that, Lord willing, teens are confessing faith in Christ and growing in him.

  3. Intentional Discipleship - Teaching the students a biblical worldview and what it means to follow Jesus in everyday life.

  4. Leadership Development - Teens becoming active witnesses to their peers and serving as a gospel-shaped influence on the younger generation.

Event ministries

  • Camps and Retreats – At various points throughout the year, our parent volunteers and students head off for several days in order to enjoy being together and to give focused attention to the Bible.

  • Ministry Opportunities - As a part of leadership development, our students are encouraged to be involved in the life of the church. They will assist other leaders in special events that serve our younger generation.

  • Service Projects – We plan regular events that give our students the opportunity to serve in our community and to share the gospel.